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I, Jessica Yun, propose to work harder, be better, lose some weight, eat healthy, be healthy, get fit, be nicer, work harder - did I mention work harder? - and all in all be BETTER than the best Jessica Yun that I can possibly be.

I certify that my friends - and family! - are the best bloody people in the world, though they are not perfect (though that is probably what I like most about them; a perfect person would be so intensely boring), and I know that they will be happy for me when (let's be realistic. If* XD) they read this and most likely they will think something like 'well it's about time something like this came around'.

I promise to recognise each and every mistake I make, and to procrastinate less; I promise to work hard, play hard, and love even harder. My deepest and most sincere wish is to be happy, and I know this wish is cheating because being 'happy' covers EVERYTHING - from work to socialising to hobbies to having 'me' time etc.

I acknowledge that this will not take place immediately and I beg for my readers not to call me a hypocrite when you see me doing something that contradicts what is being written here, but instead I implore you to be kind and patient and wait for me to see my mistakes and learn from them.

I give permission for my lovely friends to kick my butt when I'm getting out of hand and hope they give me encouragement when I'm doing something well. I will work hard to improve myself, every day, and to pick myself up immediately when I DO do something silly or wrong. I will also stop saying ‘I will’ and begin to say ‘I am’.

I super duper pinky promise to work harder than I have ever worked before. I swear that I am trying hard to be a better person, and I have the very best intentions, and that I understand that mere intentions are not enough if there is no action behind it to back it up.

I, Jessica Yun, propose to "apply myself" and be the best version of Me that I could possibly be. In my wildest dream, I hope that you guys will read this and not laugh at me and help me to become that person. >_< D=
Happy examining, guys! Big big big big love, from the bottom of my heart. :)
P.S. Got my periods soon. Prob why I'm being so fucking weird LOL HAHA. x

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