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Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet

HUMMMMMMM. Okay so there are three sides of me fighting right now LOL.

Superficial Fangirl side: (20 year old) Keanu Reeves / 10-Things-I-Hate-About-you age Joseph Gordon-Levitt *drools*. COME TO MUMMA, SEXY BOYS
Oh and also Charice :D. I'd love to like, sit down and sing with her. Oh and random youtubers, too, duh, since they're so fun LOL!

Good lil Christian Girl side: God ♥. To like, you know, if possible, just sit down on a cushy cloud in heaven and talk to him to my heart's content. Like, really have a conversation with him where he actually gives me intelligible word replies, you know? Rather than me talk at him and he sort of 'replies' during what happens in the day and shiet.

Good lil Granddaughter side: All my deceased relos, my grandfather, etc.

There is no one specific that I really really want to meet, HAHAHAH. 8) Good day =3.


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