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Day 5 — Your dreams
I don't know if this is like, my goals or my actual dream dreams, but I've seen people write it about their dream dreams so I'll be a conformist and do the same.
First of all, you usually do some crazy shit, and I have no fucking idea what it means, and it freaks me out half the time. I don't even remember you (I don't think most people do, unless they keep a dream journal) and I wish you would make some sense! Dah.
Anyways, I hope that you will somehow have a positive influence on me (as I hope for everything else around me [even though I know that's unrealistic/impossible]). I am grateful, though, that I don't have freaky violent nightmares some other people have >_<. So I suppose that you reflect my mind, and as far as I can see I'm relatively stable ?_? you know, for me etc. HAHA. See you tonight. ;)


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