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Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
HMM so I guess purely by default this would have to go to William O_o, since no one else has really come close - erm, anywhere close - to breaking my heart. Indeed I am not even so dramatic as to say that he 'broke' my heart, really, more like I felt it was shaken up and neglected a little bit. =O Soooo yeah.

LOL I don't know what to say! I mean, we neeever talkk . . . As much as I wish I could, like just joke around with you and stuff that Qin and Anna can do but since I'm an "ex" or something *rolls eyes* I can't T_T. Honestly I just want your friendship but I more than understand if that feels weird for you hahar. XD

Hmm.. What else. I don't have anything to say other than I'd wave and smile at you if I passed you on the street and I'd feel awkward because you'd not be inclined to do the same. I think this is really what puts me off about highschool relationships, there's like some kind of 'line' or something between two people who used to date. And like if you cross it it's all like 'errrr what' and stuff, and like all I wanna do is just treat you like I treat Nathan and Colin LOL but hmm I guess too much has happened? For you, I mean. LOL. Simple life ftw (Y). Also dislike high school relationships because one day you're all like happy and together and the next day it's silent and cold and there's such a distance where there used to be closeness, and this isn't even just like me particularly but EVERY couple. There really is no helping it I guess but it's like.. ..you lose a friend if you lose a relationship too, you know? And friends are good, I don't have enough friends, I need more =( HAHAH So yeah dass pretteh homoez.

Mmm.. Not much I'd like to say. HSC soon, good luck! I hope you find your happiness asap =). Have a good life ?_? (HAHAHAHAH.)


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