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Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind — good or bad
OH BABYYYYYYYYY THIS IS PERFECT. LOL Cause there is actually someone to write about! ^.^ WELL. Since that day I've been like, thinking about meeting you again & becoming your friend and whatnot.. And I don't know, the thing is I don't actually care for you THAT much but I haven't liked anyone new in so long so I guess my brain is just having ..fun?? Which is unfair to you because I DO really respect you etc etc and really, I don't even know much about you at all! and my brain is just making random shit up?! and I seriously just really want to get to know you but I don't know if you do?! =O and you were SO damn cute that day and then I wasn't too fussed at first but then I heard that [insert stuff here that would give away who I'm talking about] and then I was like WTF IS THIS SHIT, and I really want to talk to you & somehow convince you [insert above.] BUT the truth is I probably just want to see you on a regular basis again and yeah it really sucks, because all this random imagining and like, pretend-stressing sorta is getting me nowhere =(, and then I have a friend that's so nice and sweet and kind and he's like, giving me false hopes and WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU EVEN BE INTERESTED IN ME? DAAAAHHH GEEZ.

LIKE WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU HAVE FACEBOOK? REALLY? REALLY? REALLY??? ALIJGALAGKJLKA. LOL! Gay. Makes one so hard to stalk. T3T" And I barely remember your face.. And actually I think I just stopped caring. LOL

Gosh. How irritating I am.

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