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8) today was such a gorgeously bludgy day! Only had 2 periods, in which I worked VERY hard AHAHAAH.. Biology (where I know most of the material already thanks to ‘TRIX) and English (where we didn’t need books at all and just watched King Lear ; o ;.) I ‘slept next to’ Brendan.. fkn wish I didn’t though, I quite like King Lear (the play), but I was on the floor and I was lying down already and omfg I microsleep so bad. Like, SO bad. (Will get to that later.)

Third period was time for Captaincy Speeches! Exciting! LOL most of it was proper I-want-to-serve-not-just-the-students-of-this-grade-but-the-whole-school-and-teachers-and-staff-and-the-rest-of-the-community drivel (although I am hard-pressed to call it that, I truly do appreciate/commend their efforts etc.) I recorded two of them on my iBaby.. First and last, Julios and Anthony’s LOL, theirs was the ‘funny’ ones and it was brought to my attention afterwards that Gardoll had pulled out =O. Oh well!, there were more than enough candidates to choose from~! I VUNDER WHO VILL VINNN. 8) Will lol if it’s Julio! Haha =)

Vaht else. Ah yes, then we walked to the station fifty minutes earlier than everyone else which was awesome.. No competitive shoving with year 12’s LOLOLOL. But we had to wait like fricken half an hour for the train where we just mucked around with each other and talked about leeches of all things ?_?.

O YERH :). Lynn and I were talking while we were going to Strath for MATRIX and I told her that if she were one of the Seven Dwarves she’d be Dopey, and then we started chucking names around like Qin would be Sneezy and Alice would CLEARLY be Snow White GLAIJGALG LOL! AHAHA. So fun =D. And The-Tjoean can be the Queen since the Queen is tall anyways.

Then I just walked into MATRIX Bio tut and promptly started microsnoozing again which is why I would be Sleepy.  (Belle would be Bashful, of course! Haha <3)

I think that’s it. Today is my first day of eating-like-a-rabbit-ie.-carrots-and-lettuce-and-whatnot, LOL I don’t think it worked =(. Mother cooked delightful chicken wings when I finally got home this morning and I couldn’t resist~! =( Aiyo. But then I weighed myself and I haven’t actually gained or anything and this is at NIGHTIME so TEEHEE. Fucking gotta lose at least 2kg by social AT LEASTT or else I’m going to chuck a fit and not go or something.

Speaking of which. Guys, watch out for me.. I get mtion sick, I don’t do too good on cruises, and the bloody dancefloor is OUTSIDE so I’ll be rocking to and fro / sitting most of the time =(.

Oh and Lindsay drew a simply delightful and lovely picture of my face pulling a similarly delightful and lovely expression. Will scan and upload later =) LOL, though I’m not sure if it’s something I want to show everyone T.T (this sounds wrong).

SEE, A PROPER POST!! I HOPE THOU ART ALL PROUD OF ME CAUSE I SURE AM LOL. I’m typing this on Word 2007 so I don’t look sus AHAHAAH. Gna c/p bak to Blogger :)


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