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Okay this is like some gay bullshit post, but I don't know, listening to Southside right now, it's such a nice peaceful song ^_^.

Three random people I want to thank right now ;

1 Mummy
Insert extensive self abuse here. I will never be half the daughter you deserve. I always forget, and I'll always be quick and hot-tempered but I'm trying much harder now. You'd sacrifice anything for me and I take that for granted all the time. I love you, please don't forget, even when I do.

2 Daddy
I'm fairly sure anything I ask you turns into a lecture, so most of the time I don't ask you much anymore. We've been getting along generally well though overall lately, so I haven't much to complain. I can't ..even begin to tell you how delighted it makes me feel when I make you proud or happy. NOW BRING THAT FKN 2ND HAND DSLR HOME BIATCH

3 Friend
I have two in mind right now LOL, they're both 299002% random and no I'm not telling you, LOLOL you will laugh at me! HAHAHA. But they've both always made me feel really special and "worth it" and good about myself as a friend etc etc. and idno! LOL I'm just quietly sort of glad for that XD. Since I'm not even really very extremely close to them, but they are both people I would never ever intentionally hurt and I'd get mad at anyone who hurt their feelings because they're - I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO HURT THEM LOLOLOL.

Yeahhhhh DON'T ASK RANDOM SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT THANKYOUS. LOL 8) formspring me if you think I should be thanking you for one reason or another LOLOL! Or you could just formspring me because you love meeeeeeeeeeeeee :D.

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