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Someone died today.. I suppose someone around the world dies every day, but still, one can't help but still be astounded when told with the news. Early this morning, somebody jumped in front of the train going from Miranda to Caringbah or Caringbah to Miranda.. And it was a suicide, it was intentional. Sigh. I wonder if he really truly wanted that. Because so many suicide victims (which are, luckily, unsuccessful) claim that they would not have suicided if someone had smiled to them that day, or if someone had talked to them or noticed them. Which really brings me again to wonder how some things he or she or I or you may take for granted can actually affect a person quite a lot, and he or she or I or you may not even know it, and how frustrating that must be. D=

I was so bloody tired again today. Could barely keep my eyes open, sigh. And English was such a quiet affair.. I sat with Sunny and just talked to him like the whole lesson. He told me to punch him as hard as I could, and I wasn't going to until he called me soft.. *RAGE FIST~!* LOL jks. I punched him with my right hand (I'm left handed *sus*) and then proceeded to rub the spot I punched, apologising, which I do a lot.. LOL XD"

But as always, pleasure seeing my friends :). Zz I hope father doesn't come home early tonight, I really want to go dinner >_<

HMMM. :) Question of the day: WOULD YOU EVER HAVE A ONE NIGHT STAND?! =O! Or.. If you HAD to.. How would you end your life? By yourself, you can't tell anyone else or anything. Answer me at my formspring :)


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