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School was amazing today! Just joking, the best part was not going to 4th period.. ..because we are badass. And the moments we are badass coincide with the moments our teacher isn't here for class :3.

For some strange reason I feel a little tired =( Hmm. I should do some work, SO MUCH TO DO!

- MATRIX homework
- Errr.. School homework
- John's piles and piles of notes, and the SPEECH. This is like +13920303 things on its own, so my plate is pretty loaded.


P.S. I fell in love again..

..with four black guys. If you don't watch the video you are no longer welcome on my blog. (Okay, not really) Their voices are like fucking silk to the ears.. Oh god. ♥ I am such a sucker for acapellas. That's why I love Legaci too :)

I don't know how they do it. (The one in Blue gets really really into it. LOL)

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