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Watched Dead or Alive and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, 2 of the 5 movies I borrowed from VideoEzy last Friday.. I'm very satisfied after watching them, it's pretty amazing what film can do. ♥

Dead or Alive was very much just pure entertainment, but as usual I loved it even more after I watched the special features and saw that it was actually directed by a Honkie dude that was once Bruce Lee's STUNT DOUBLE. So that's like twentythree different things that has it's own merits right there.. Devon Aoki is fucking amazing, I would do her in like 0.9854 seconds if I was a dewwd. LOL but yes I really really enjoyed that :). I loved it because it reminded me of a Street Fighter game so much, just in ..real life LOL then after I watched the Special Features I realised DOA was actually an Xbox game furreals.. So then I was like oh no wonder!

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants I had thought was just going to be a regular you know, shitty teen movie although I had loved the book (would have liked it more if it didn't have a shitty teen movie cover though. LOL jk haha).. I don't know, guys would probably definitely NOT enjoy it but it made me cry. It was pretty beautiful. ♥ All the four girls are SO so different and they're all really smart, you know? Like they're not dumb bitchy bimbos or whatever, they're thoughtful individuals who grow up and have fun and experience things and bla bla. I thought it was pretty good :) think I'm going to go borrow/buy the 2nd book.. AHAHAHA. 8D

I couldn't stop staring at the author's teeth, though, when they were interviewing her, because her teeth were kind of yellow and it was like ..ew do you smoke?..

I'm so tired. I just want to hug someone to sleep.

ALSO HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY JOHNWANG. One year older.. He's so humble, specifically wanted everyone to get him nothing, including his own brother. :( Going to give him the best 18th present (!!!).

Love :).

Oh my gosh I'm still capped =(. So um.. Let's pretend there is an ultra awesome photo of Johnwang here. PIECE

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