23, Sydney AU


  • Study up well :)! Do homework, try hard, etc etc
  • Social clothes shopping.. Sleepover at Alices.. *drools all over self*
    Great now I look like I'm in love with her
  • SOSHOOL.. Gettn more pumpd nao that it's closer haha :D
  • Fucking going nutso in the last holidays before Doom settles in
  • Buy some new fucking clothes
  • Buy new Pokemon game. I shit you not lolol.
Had an entertaining conversation with Brendon last night and a surprising + amusing day with Andrew Who Is No Longer From Gymea. :) Nice to hear from them again! x

ALSO, I TOUCHED AN iPHONE 4 TODAY ROFLOLOLOL. Aruna is wrong, you CAN see the pixels! I strained my head so much to do it though, I'm fairly sure I went crosseyed. :|

My strength &hearts. :)

I'm feeling very happy at the moment. I don't know why~

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