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Music: Erm.. "少しでいいから (Sukoshi De Ii Kara): A Bit Of Good" by "CSJH The Grace". Anna sent it t me :|
"All's fair in love and war."

So I spent last night/this morning expending my Youtubial (?? LOL) energies on the one and only It'sKingsleyBitch and he's preeeeetty amusing. LOLOLOL of course I don't fully agree with everything he says (I mean Inception was okay, but it wasn't.. I didn't think that it was as jizztastic as he made it sound LOL) so yeahh. I've become that much more aware, once again, how fucking fast time is rolling (I MEAN, ARE YOU SURE NEW YEARS WAS EIGHT MONTHS AGO?! FUCKING FEELS LIKE LAST WEEK....... [check out that over-emphasis rofl]) and how fricking close the HSC is. I can almost smell it, it's like a monster I have to face in the distant future and I'm getting training before I have to go face him off. Now the question is who is going to win, me or him? =(

Tell you ze results in a year. Hopefully I will not have been too bloodied-up, and my preparation will have worn off. Lovelovelove :). I MUST AWAY TO MY SHOWER!!! OR I WILL OUTSTINK THIS FABLED MONSTER, although that is not a bad idea.. Hmm. Lol jk! I shan't kill off all my competition by not showering for a year and stinking up the examination room thus suffocating everyone 8). ROFLOLOL bye!! XD

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