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Mmm.. Today I woke up with a kind of weird feeling, like something strange was going to happen. I don’t know why I randomly woke up with that feeling =s.. As far as I’m concerned, nothing weird has happened – yet – LOOL jk who am I kidding nothing ever happens at like 8 53 pm T_T. But yeah I don’t know! =O Just had some sort of precarious feeling, and today when the train was coming I had a really fucked up urge to jump in front of it. (Okay maybe you hate me and you’re thinking YES YES GO GO OH MY GOD NO WHY DIDN’T YOU DO IT and if you are then fuck you. LOL) But not the suicidal kind of urge (oh dear god forbid.. Please don’t think funny things guys -.- next thing I know fricken child services gna call me up and whatnot.) it was the Because-I’m-A-Weird-Twisted-Kind-of-Person, I-Wonder-What-It’ll-Be-Like-If-I-Just-Threw-Myself-In-Front-Of-That-Train-What-Would-The-Onlookers-Do? IIIIIIIII GOTNOIDEAWHYIJUSTCAPITALISEDALLTHAT but ANYWAYSZZSZSZZ :D.

Yeah so that’s pretty much my story of the day O_O! It was so incredibly weird, I tell you, I was like WTF-ing at myself for like the ten-second follow up, I tells ya.
Also chem tut was cancelled.. WASN’T SURE WHETHER TO BE HAPPY OR SAD ;_;. Gah.

Meeting about Subject Selection for year 12.. I was shaking, getting so nervous because we’re running out of time. I’M running out of time. Seriously whenever I get home these days it’s like, “Okay what work shall I do today?” ;__; It’s such a new and rather interesting experience! LOLOL. I’m really trying to save up my trollness for year 12 so I can literally just Unleash unto my textbooks when the Time Is Right, but YEW NOO DERRRRRHHH. Yeah LOLOLOL. 8).

Fuck I tweet so much naos. Even when at school & whatnot.. So, guys, if I’m not blogging.. I’m most definitely tumblring, on msn or just tweeting from time to time! HAHA. Or you know I could be having a life.. At tutor. Jk. Eating/showering/sleeping more like =(. BUT THERE’S ALWAYS TIME TO SIINNNGGG! =D

If you guys are wondering why my words have so many apostrophe’s and shiet where I usually wouldn’t put, LOL it’s cause I’m currently typing this on Word 2007 so my father doesn’t/won’t think that I’m not doing work.. So pretty much my dad will think I’m doing work. I love double negatives so much that I confuse myself sometimes.

OH MY LORDY THERE ARE SO MANY SCHOOLBOYS AT CT/STRA AFTER SCHOOL AROUND 4ish (duh) 8D! LOL I was too like, shy/idk/didn’t want to look like some short-assed pedo to look them in the eye.. :$ I’M SO FUCKING WEIRD LOL <_<. I don’t know whatsamattah with me!


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