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LOL I don't know if this qualifies as a midnight post since it's a few bloody hours past midnight already. But I feel like I've been holding a really really massive log for like 3 days and I need to run to the toilet and fucking lock myself in there for ten days and ten nights in order to get it out. (If anyone takes this literally remove your person from my blog as you do not understand humour.)

This blog is starting to suffocate me. Because of recent circumstances, and the attention I was - have always been - LOL - drawing to my blog lately, it's been getting more views and I'm so much more conscious about who's reading it. (And so I should. o.o") But now I can't post much personal shit anymore or else people are going to talk. *exhales* Sigh. How irritating. This place used to be like an escape for me. Now I need an escape from my escape :(.

Good practice for me though ^____^. I'm trying a lot harder to wear my heart on my sleeve less and keep the thoughts to myself. Knowing myself, this is going to be so difficult T_T Literally painful to stop my fingers from ranting.. LOL!

I neeeed sleeeeeeep. Smile, everyone. You all deserve it :)

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