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Got my English speech results back, and my Maths test results back.

Faaaaaak my liiiiiiiife.

ALSO, what is worse is that all the Limit questions weren't considered and I GOT ALL THE LIMIT QUESTIONS RIGHT, so now I'm still stuck on a fail. T_____T

Oh well. If it's anything I know about myself, nothing motivates me more than really shit marks. LOL

On another note, Chemistry tutor was successful today :) I think it's because I had learnt it from Du previously, so SOMETHING must have retained in my subconscious. The show Lie to Me is so good. I should not be eating fruit at 10 17 at night :|.
Oh, also also, taking the stairs from the 8th floor at Matrix is fucking freaky shit. The stairs are sloped REALLY steeply so by like the third floor or so my shoelaces are always untied and I've begun to harbour a fear that I will trip :|. It's only a matter of time. Also also also, I have also harboured another fear that I will never ever become uncapped T_T". This fear is very real ._."


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