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Haven't posted lyrics in a while.

This is a song I saw on shiftcomma3's tumblr a little while ago! It's a crazy good song. A little too depressing for my taste these days, but STILL. Check it out (:
It's funny how you think you really know yourself, Like you would never lose yourself to someone else, And I was up to thinking it was all about you and me..
Silly silly me
I should have never listened to a word you said, But I was always giving in to promises, I never should have gone for, I should never long for you no matter how hard it gets~ And I want this to be over, I so want this to be through
In the end somehow it always comes back to you

Cause everywhere I go, No matter what I do boy.. I just can't get you out of my head
So it annoys me (You wasn't man enough) To come and tell me (That I was never the one) Like you said I was (You could have told someone)
You knew you didn't love me anymore
(Seriously though, it's actually a good song LOL the music etc etc.)

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