23, Sydney AU


Hello, Jessica, how are you today :)
I'mmmmmmm pretty good thankyou ^__^

Oh.. Sorry if I'm bothering you? Haha you're at the end of year 11.. You're probably working veery hard! :)
Um.. >_< Actually no you're not bothering me at all =(. I'm not doing any work D:

? So what have you been doing for the last ..four hours since you came home from school??
..Tumblring.. >________< *sobs* I didn't mean to =(

D=!!!!!! (If it helps, I got new followers 8))

No shut up.
Okay =(

Go do your work dumb slut wat the fuck is wrong with you glaeijglakgjlakjg
=[ What happened to Jessica, how are you, am I bother -


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