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Biology was particularly fun today (SPEAKING OF WHICH, GET BETTER LYNN DARLING), sitting w/ John Wang and B in the computer room and all we did was just look and name Pokemon's (I failed dismally. Oh well, I had such a bland childhood) LOL. 8) Nah, that's not true, we did do some work LOLOL.. Mg I feel like I've spent so much fucking time with Brendan today HAHAH! XD.

A lot of people have been talking about the Filipino tour bus hi-jacking incident. I don't know much about it, but geez, that EX-policeman must have been one crazy motherfucker. I mean way to get 'revenge' on your old job by being the worst possible citizen you could, eh. And apparently the Filipino government (WHY is it Philippines with a P but when you want to talk ABOUT them it's all of a sudden with an F?! T_T") handled it quite horribly, shot like eight people T.T" Which is silly of them. Gah. Oh well. People get killed quite often, really, it's just not often we hear about it because the media covers it up so well. They HAVE to, or else they lose their jobs. And if you think about it you wonder how it's never really America that has shocking scandals all the time. (ie ALL the time, not NEVER. Don't get me wrong here!)

I should get a little more edu-active soon. So much talk about UNSW/USYD Open Days =( I'm still interested in being a psychologist but ..not exactly what one would call an ideal and very realistic goal, eh. =/ Anyways. Love! :). WORK HARD KIDS.

( oh, go on, at least PRETEND I have some notable quality =( )

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