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Today was weirdly good because it was bad, if that even makes sense (it doesn't). LOL It started out literally painful - literally painful, because my period came today (overshare?) and arrgh I was literally groaning with pain because it buuuurrrnnnnzz. Dah, almost called off meeting Emerson, speaking of which I got so pissed off at him I was literally trembling T_T. Motherfucker.. I don't want to go into the details because it's so ridiculous and I just don't want to think about it LOL. But yeah, it was such a shit day, all we ended up doing was sitting on the floor reading each other palms and taking photos of his stupid hair and his painful tat and whatnot LOL before after a while he left, and then Q and eventually left to go Nandos where William and Colin joined us along with Kelvin who we also bumped into. :)

MAN WOW that is like my entire day summarised in a block.. I just played on Kelvin's iPod touch the entire time (Plants vs Zombies = ♥) and William was reading a book and highlighting, it was such a strangely amusing sight to see haha. AND NOW I'M LEFT WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT SCHOOL IS GOING TO BE STARTING IN LITTLE MORE THAN 12 HOURS AND I AM SO EFFED IN THE AY HOLE.

PEACE TO MY LOVERS, HATERS & MASTURBATORS. ( Tell me if you know where that line is from! )

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