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Things that my father and I argue about / things that tick me off :
  1. What we watch on tv. He mostly watches comedy skits or boring dramas every night on TV and whenever Masterchef is on he looks as if he is about to slap the living daylight fuck out of me. (Lol, you may think I'm joking. How dimwitted you are.) Seriously he's so fucking weird, I shan't even attempt to explain him -_-.
  2. My time on the computer. Oh my god slut what the fuck is your problem. I get about 1/2 an hr - 1 hr on the computer after he gets home and then he usually tells me to get off the computer and it seriously doesn't make a difference to me, just makes it a bit harder, because I can just youtube on my iPhone anyway :|.
  3. My exercising routine, aka non existent. BUY ME A TREADMILL, I'M SO NOT BOTHEREDDDDDDDD
  4. He's always trying to spend time with me, which I feel a little guilty about, but when I was a little kid going out to yumcha every friggen day was fine. But now, I'm preeeetty sure I have better things to do. :| Every other asian kid out tehre is like telling O MY GODDDD YUMCHAAAAA SO AWESOMEEEEE I WANNA GOOOO (mainly Qin) but let me tell you my family is NOT THAT FUN ;_;. My parents/cousins have suggested karaoke, and I don't mind, except for the fact it'll be potentially embarrasing and when they're singing I'm going to be bored and when they're singing I'll probably be bored.
  5. My weight. My weight.
  6. Studies, etc etc etc, every kid gets this.
Anyway, I'm beginning to make some good headway with my English assessment, so I'm off. (: Bye for now! x

P.S. The way I blog is beginning to be influenced by Tran and various youtubers ;_;. Must.. retain.. my.. Jessica-ness.

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