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So my dad kicked me off the computer, I swear I'm still feeling queasy from the ride back, I forgot my teacup set - which I had prewrapped the previous night - and forgot go buy potato salad :(, I'm typing this on my iPhone as a result and this song is a little depressing, but nonetheless I'm as content as I can get.
Also I'm feeling the heavy weight of all my assignments right now because I've been lazy but I digress.

Today was fantastic :) when we finally got there (without managing to vomit) the first thing I did was rip open the doritos and just starting making nachos LOLOL. God they are so good. And so we ate and drank (tea) and got high (on sugar) and it was very pleasant affair in general. Most of us had forgotten our teacups HAHA, but it's okay since lorraines house is so well-stocked :). Alices sandwiches were great and there were scones and macaroons (!!!!!) that Lorraine had made because she's a fkn angel and her skirt was so pooch and the only thing that was mssing from it all was milkshakes made out of rainbows and a rose garden. Oh and my potato salad.

Lorraine didn't dissapoint and her dress was poofy as she had adorned many petticoats underneath and after we were done eating we went downstairs and updated her singstar so we could sing new songs, although most of the songs we sang wre the old ones anyway LOLOL. After all our voices were gone (not rly) we played a great game called taboo which is pretty much the same as charades but with a few mor rules. Black team vs white and we seemed to be really lucky because we kept getting really easy ones like Bean and Star although time almost ran out when we got that LOL. Will post humorous representation of this later, this fucking touch keyboard is killing me ;_;.

Err don't know what we did after that.. Went into lorraines room, watched a disturbing video, got really pumped about making a video ourselves which clearly never happened because that's how adrenaline works LOL. But it involved hitler and musicals and character death, LOLOL. :')

before we knew it it was time to go - jk, time to eat - and we trooped down and ate a delicious dinner which bloated me to the max @_@. I haven't been bloated in a while and it didn't help that I was wearing high waisted jeans ffs. LOLOL lorraine said that I looked like someone from Beauty and the Beast (not the beast, in fact, but Gaston, the dickhead.. Lorraines mother and I agreed that I looked like a jockey however) and yeah it was fun pretending that Alice was My Lady
LOL. Then we had cake and then we took some fail jumping photos and then Cecil came and picked us up and then I got home and uploaded/photoshopped the photos then dad kicked off the comp :(. And here I am and I'm so glad to be done with this entry HAHA.

I'm glad Lorraine had a great seventeenth <3 love her as much as I love dumplings with vinegar. And we all know how much that is LOL :)

Goodnight lovers. Be happy !! Panicking isn't going to get you anywhere unless it's before your assignments are due and you need some adrenalin to motivate you, then it's okay LOLOL. Love ♥

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