23, Sydney AU


People should build monuments for me for the dedication I put towards transferring/shopping/uploading photos. LOL. Only joking (duh). Prepare yourselves for a lot of photospam.

What I wore ft. dirty mirror. Missing white socks, which I wore later.. Do you think I'm walking out my house with long socks on top of my pants. LOLOL you may notice some stuff I stuck on my mirror.. Which I really need to clean O_O" I can't believe how bothered I was before LOLOLOL!

"Couple photos!" - Alice

(faux sunlight lens glare. HAHAHA.)

Atesum Family Portrait :| Seriously LOLOL. Asian kids, go look at your grandparents' family photos.. They look just like this but better lighting / traditional clothes probably / there are more boys than girls / it's in black & white.

Playing taboo :)

Clearly I was the Best Man Ever.

Awesome grungey stair shots & whatnot.

Basil pesto :) It tasted so vegetabley! HAHAHA No shiet.

..Aaaand the most fail jumping photo ever :).

LOL I hope you guys enjoyed that, I have very random image sizing! Haha. :) For good/epic photos etc, I generally tend to make the image bigger and for photos which aren't that great they're usually a more modest size. As you can see there is obviousli nothing modest about Lorraine's pesto since it's fucking huge HAHAHAAH.


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