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Oh my god I watched Eclipse today with Leo and really really really really really really really really wish I hadn't.. The entire time Leo was just going "1.5 hours to go.." "1 hr to go.." "30 mins left.." DAAHHH LOLOLOLOL. I swear to God I really felt like throwing up :(.

THANKYOU VERY MUCH DAVID SPADE OR SLATE OR SLADE OR WHATEVER THE FUCK HIS NAME IS. (The director of the movie) I seriously felt like the entire thing was just a fucking cliche.. Who in their right mind can have that kind of intensity irl ;_;. I've always viewed the Twilight novels as sort of offhand half the time, it was comfortable to read.. Never did I picture it like the uptight shit that was showing on the big screen argh. The best bit was when Jacob was telling Charlie what happened and went "I kissed Bella.. And she broke her hand.. Punching my face." LOLOLOLOL there's a facebook group for that and ahhh so funny LOLOLOL.

There are so many other movies I haven't seen :( Epic ones, like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and Cruel Intentions and 300 and all these other Epic movies I still need to see no matter whether I enjoy it or not it's just THOSE THINGS YOU HAVE TO WATCH LOLOL.

Byeeeeee kids. ^_^

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