23, Sydney AU


New blogskin, children! Haha. The greyscale one was seriously looking fugly because my new computer screen is so wide :(, sigh. And I've been so attached to Tumblr lately, and it's become like a universal virus or something because blogskins on blogskins.com are also becoming more and more tumblr-looking so it wasn't hard to find one which looked like a tumblr skin LOL. Count how many times I said tumblr *sus*

Watching Dr. Phil right now. I won't ever get sick of this show, there are so many issues in the world that are shown during daytime tee vee.. And then Oprah comes right after and relieves all the tension hehe.

I seriously gotta get out.

Also been watching so so so much youtube lately because of my awesome iPhone and awesome wireless internet ; o ;. Mychonny is pretty much my best friend right now. Oh and Lynnbubbi got her L's today! YAY :) I knew you wouldn't fail girl. ♥ Shit, I gotta get my own.


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