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I am enamoured when people start concentrating really hard on something / trying to figure something out in their mind / studying. I know it sounds really motherfucking creepy like I only go to the library to stare at people as they attempt to pass the biggest test of their lives, but I enjoy it immensely ('love' was taking it a little too far) to watch their eyes get serious and they frown a little bit and their mouth is set and everything just falls away and it's only maths or whatever subject is that takes your attention. (Do I sound as though I'm having a torrid affair with studying or something? o_0" Everything just falls away.. Really? ;_;)

Especially with people who usually only ever show their social side is it particularly fascinating. (Oh god I just realise how damn creepy I must sound.. To any new people reading my blog I'M NOT USUALLY LIKE THIS! [liez.] D:) But it feels like you can see the wheels and gears in their brain click into action and it's pretty awesome, LOL. I find when I'm stuck into work every literal other issue just goes away, and I'm left with trigonometry and I could be in like a jungle and I kind of wouldn't notice. LOL. But yeah, I've always been so interested to know what sort of things run through the minds of other people.. Not in a prying way (except when I wonder what the teacher is going to give me for a test or something LOL jk) but in a for real ..I wonder what she says to herself at night to make herself feel better if she's had a bad day? kind of stuff..

Actually not really. It's much more interesting when someone's concentrating on their studies because they're consciously making a dedicated move to guide themselves for a better future. It's the intention behind that concentration that makes it so intriguing to me, and even more so if they're usually so immersed in other activities.. Hmm.. Does it make sense..? Too bad that for me, those moments are hard to start and stay in because of my inconsistent and easily distracted mind. :( I'm always hungry or I'm not stuck enough into the moment to really get anything done >_<. But when I really get in the zone, I am IN the ZONE. :| Don't touch me motherfucker I will bite. LOL

But yes, watching it in other people as they become engrossed in their work is fascinating to me. XD

Just a random thing I have. :)

P.S. NOTE : this doesn't apply if the person is gaming or playing sports.. I find most guys just get a really dopey stupid look on their face and inevitably their mouth just sort of ..drops open a little and then some drool sneaks out if you're lucky. LOLOLOL. Watch someone next time, it's pretty funny. LOL Tell me if you think I'm weird!

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