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Mood: Excited :)

Oh my golly goodness! Lorraine's birthday is approaching tomorrow and the only thing I want more than a good time (awww yeah ;).) tomorrow is a fucking pair of "shoe-booties" (say it quickly, like shabooties) as Oprah would put it. Also known as ankle boots o_O. Actually scratch that, my friends > shoes any day LOL. (Unless I'm walking over, like, hot coals or something without shoes.. Okay I don't know what I'm talking about now)

(Like this style, but nicer.. Although they are Alexander McQueen, does that make them more attractive now? HAHA)

I CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T WAIT :). Lorraine's birthday have always been a Rather Big Affair so I'm going to take 2920391010 million photos HAHAHA. It's going to be brilliant, the theme this year is 18th Century/Tea, and I'm coming as a Man of the 18th century, I sincerely hope it works out. There is a bit where I have to wear white socks on top of my high-waisted pants, but that is another story that I will hopefully share later ;).

Which means no update for jesthcollexion today! since we're meeting up tomorrow anyway so might as well give the very avid readers of my blogs a good, recent picture aye? (The picture for today was A picture of your friends♥.) WOO, SEE YOU KIDS LATER :)


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