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LOL, this morning at like 1 20 am I went back to exactly a year ago in my blog archives out of curiosity (no. Hornyness) just to see what I had written so long ago.. But it didn't seem so long ago. O_O

LOL look at that idiot go. HAHAHA. It's always so interesting to observe the changes in 365 days..
So I want to search myself up a year from now and answer the little sixteen year old who wrote a message, wondering who I would be a year wiser.
Hi me :D Right now I'm watching Monk, and I didn't do anything all day, and got out of bed at 1 20. It's almost the end of holidays and I've barely done any work :( Have your work ethics changed? Are you studying right now, in fact? WHY AREN'T YOU STUDYING OH MY GOD. While you're at it go for a run.. Funny, considering I ate left over pizza for brunch and KFC for 'dinner' (????).. Fail. How much do you weigh now? Are you smarter? Which electives do you choose?

I admit I don't really know what I'd say to myself in a year's time D: All I know is I want to be ..secure, if that makes sense.. Like.. Like I trust myself enough to work hard and make the right choices. I know that - well, I HOPE that each day I'm growing a little more and getting more mature as time goes by but, you know.. I know myself, I know what I can be like, so it's a little hard to trust myself in that respect :(.

I hope that in a year, I'll be more sure. I hope things change, for the better. :)

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