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LOL I have some news! ..of no particular importance.
  1. Bubz tweeted me last night, HAHA. It was a pity tweet though, not really sure if it counts.. LMFAO Still (:
  2. School was not as terrible as I thought, although I was plunged back into the world of My Fringe Is Too Long, Limits, baggy stockings -_- and renewed my habit of sleeping in class. :) Started King Lear today, exciting, exciting.. I'm glad Reagan didn't have much of a roll in the beginning, or else I would have been royally fucked..
  3. Bought new beauty (???) products.. A straightening 'balm' for my hair (I so regret buying the ugly Swartszchkopft or however you spell it one.. So shitty and it stinks T.T), tweezers (OH MAN) and .. what else did - ST IVES CLEANSER :)! Bumped into The-Tjoean on the way, she congratulated me for buying it. LOOOL. Yeeeuuhhh
  4. LOL, lively conversations today, a little catching up to do so yeah. LOL And Alice was looking miiighty fine of course =P HAHAHA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  5. I think that's it :)
Bye ^_____^

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