23, Sydney AU


Just another update before I head off to my shower and early bedtime (ie. before 12 pm [an attempt at best, of course]) - my dad is currently undergoing planning for a house that he bought a couple of streets away from here that he's leasing to other people. And he plans for us to live there in a few years' time and I am SO excited because I literally just want to get straight to the interior designing part, YOU HAVE NO IDEARGH. I can finally buy my string lights, and even though dad said no to painting my room, I want a walk in bedroom and a little mini fridge because I'm fat and I want an awesome rug and I want a fucking laptop in my room and I don't want to move for three years and I want a mini apartment in my own bedroom, simply put. So yes, very excited for that :).

I don't think I can put off my shower any longer! I will see you kids later. Most likely tomorrow, sadface :(.

..You know, about school.. Not about seeing you. HAHAAH. PEACE. (*click*, screen goes black)


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