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I, for one, have always been envious of other large families with their cousins and their siblings and going to places together and having fun and it's epic amazing, and they look like they're so happy and I know for a fact there's nothing that can compare to the support one gets from a family.

I want that. :) I want to pop out fifty kids when I'm older (LOL fuck no. If I could choose, I wouldn't have babies at all. = o =) and I want to have a chaotic family that's always screaming and yelling at each other, but backs each other up when they need it :D, that's never cold or empty to come home to, that's always warm and energetic and filled with the presence of each individual person who inhabits the house.

I don't have any - okay, exaggeration. I don't have many moments like that. I wish I did, though, cousins my own age that I could talk with and joke around and have over for dinner like Lynn, or - or Sandy, even. She has 3 sisters that she doesn't always like but always, always loves and she's in love with her family and you can really tell that that's all she needs for affection.

I suppose now that my cousin's here in Australia things have gotten a lot better - whenever they come over the tiny tiny apartment's just that much more talkative and my mum talks and talks and talks and half the time I feel very self absorbed by interneting like I usually do LOLOL, but ..yeah. Just a random post about how I'm realising how much I should value people that will always be there, and how much I never notice that.

As a kid I never thought about these things.. I know I'm always a little slow, always a little too immature, always lagging behind my friends :(. No doubt they've all realised this ages and ages ago and here I am making a post about this 2 years late HAHAHA.

Life is pretty neat. ♥

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