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Each morning it gets harder and harder and harder and harder to get out of bed. I think this a signal that my BODY SENSES SOME HOLIDAYZZZ AROUND THE CORNER YO, I cannot waiteth.

Getting an award today. I wonder what for :| If it's for peer support I am seriously going to kill myself, argh. "Jessica Yun, participation in Peer Support." AARGH. ;_; And I'm getting a little antsy about school as well, we're rushing so much now that exams are around the corner - AGAIN - apparently assessment week in year 11 was actually developed a few fucking years ago, what the fuck? - and teachers are trying to cram things down our throats and they're not giving us time to breathe and refocus and aaahhh ;_;

And so many teachers are away like JEE THANKS JUST DITCH US OKAY (y). LOL nah jokes yeah but whatever.

Daahh. Stay strong kids. :)

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