23, Sydney AU


1. Tell me the truth, why did you fall in love?
It just kind of happened LOL

2. Are you afraid of losing anyone?

3. Is anything bothering you?
My throat and the bit between my shoulders and under my neck.

4. Are you against drugs/smoking?

5. What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
I'msofuckensleepy and Idon'tgetthehomwork. Fuck.

6. Is anyone else in the room with you?
No :)

7. Who was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?

8. How do you feel right now?

9. Does anyone call you baby?
yes hehe

10. Would you ever get a tattoo?
LOL I think so.. maybe haha. :)

11. What are you most anxious/excited for?
Um.. I have a whole list LOL (should be the entry below)

12. What is your favorite drink?
watermelon juice, apple juice any juice cept for human juice if you get my drift.

13. What were you doing at 7:00 am?
fucken sleeping?!

14. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
8ish? 8-9 I'd say (:

15.Do you know anyone who has been arrested?

16. If you could go back in time, how far back would you go?
Year 4. So I could change my eating habits, and my hairstyle, and my style in general, and just EVERYTHING in general

17. Think back to the last person you kissed, how many times have you cried in front of them?
prob twice LOL plus like three times or so for movies AHAHA

18. Whats something you do when you’re mad?

19. How do you feel about your hair right now?
MUST.. REDYE.. ROOTS.. I kind of don't like it that much :\

20. Have you ever had someone sing to you?
Yeah =)

21. Have you done something bad today?
Have I? DDDD: Not that I know of D:

22. Are you jealous of someone right now?

23. Last beverage?
water. gna drink some more now brb.

24. Last December, what was your love life like?

25. Would you ever become a vegetarian?
........fuck no

26. Has anybody ever given you butterflies?
Yeah LOL

27. Do you have nice eyes?
Mm they're okay hehe :D

28. When was the last time you smiled?
I automatically kind of smiled just readin this question

29. What woke you up this morning?
Idno, jus woke up. Mum?

30. Are you a jealous person?
ish LOL XD"

31. What’s the last thing you purchased?
Chicken wings and potato salad :)

32. Are you hot or cold right now?
warm :)

33. What time did you wake up this morning?
10 33

34. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
Most probably not.. I'll see ROFL

35. Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a Z?

36. Would you go in public looking like you do right now?
Erm.. Not under normal circumstances, no

37. Are you a morning person or a night?

38. Would you shave your head if a family member asked you to because they had cancer?
So do I have to give them my hair? can I just buy them a wig instead? But if that's out of the question then yeah okay .. I gues?? But I really would try not to

39. Who caused you to have butterflies in your stomach most recently?
Williyuck (AHA GET IT? Williyum?)

40. Are you right-handed or left-handed?

41. Are you tan?

42. Is there anything you want to forget?
narh (:

43. How many kids do you want to have?

44. What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
weight, height
uh this could go on forever

45.When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off?
on LOL

46. You want to see somebody right now, right?

47. Are you worried about your boyfriend/girlfriend getting back with their ex?

48. Have you ever liked someone older than you?
duh T_T

49.Last time you cried?
I do not recall? Which is good!
LOL I made wiliam do this quiz and he only did from 29-49 :(. And he half-assed half of them too LOL.

44. What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

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