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Happy 17 months to Hunny and I :). 17months on the 17th HAHAHA.. I really never thought we'd last this long.. He's just always been there :s. I can't remember my days without thinking about one - the same one - guy for a consecutive 510 days. I don't remember my past without him there XD.

He forgot this month again LOL.. He never 'remembers' since he doesnt check the date daily or whatever wat a fag LOLOLOL =(. Aww I miss seeing his face.

Today I forgot to bring money for sport so I ran out to the bball courts during recess and asked everyone if they could chip in $10, $20 dollars till I got an accumulated $70, and I did hehe :)! People these days are so nice ^_^.

This is going to be a really random post.. Just posting up my thoughts atm and stuff like that :\.

Took the train back home today from MATRIX @ Strath, when I shifted to a better seat to enjoy the passing ..things..?..objects LOL and the golden light that it threw on everything. My carriage was not what you would call full, it wasn't even half full.. And I started looking around at these people and they have a family, and a bedroom and a home and a toothbrush and a reflection they look at every single morning before they leave for the day, and maybe pets and they have parents. And they have headphones in their ears and I wonder what kind of listen they like to listen to.

Then the enormity of the world crashed down on me.. but it was so gentle. Like.. kind of like I was accepting that I would never know even one millionth of what the world could hold or do or its limits, and it was so big like Space and I couldn't wrap my head around it and I wondered why my life - my microworld, to use a society & culture term - was so damn tiny and the only things I've seen is authentic sushi and countless hobos in China and train stations fly past and paper and things.

And I never feel productive. I'm just not getting work done at home, not reaching the potential or doing as much or putting as much effort in as other people are, I guess habits are hard to break. But my mindset is changing, so I guess that will have to take a little time adjusting to? But I know I really have to hurry the fuck up. Because it will be too late too soon.

Wow, this post feels really authentic :).

You know we actually miss so much when we're asleep? I should like to see the sunrise with Hun (ahaha mongol). So beautiful. =)

LOL, did an epic prayer to Him in the shower last night. MAYBE THIS HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT?!?!?! =O.

Dracula's getting interesting :). I really wanna read more now HEHEHE.. So obvious Mina gets bitten while all the 'men' are friggen away opening coffins and whatnot.

(Also, the reason that this post is tagged 'party' is cause we had a really shitty Peer Support party today. Fucking bought 2 bags of doritos for no fcking reason -_-.)

Also, referring to above and stuff, knowing that people have all those things like parents and pets and toothbrushes and a 'home' we really have to think of the people who don't. I certainly am ♥.

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