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Quite the interesting day today AHAHA. Something mildly lulz-worthy happened in every period, methinks.
  • Took the train this morning & Mary etc. was sitting in the six seater and as a result my girls & I had nowhere to sit or anyhting so I was all like, AH FUCK YOU GUYZ. Cept I said it pretty rageyly so I think they probbbably took it seriously LOL. Idno but I apologised to them afterwards anyway XD.
  • English; watching and rewatching our allocated scenes of Shawshank Redemption and discovered that the lawyer in the beginning of the movie resembles Mr Chapple, like, a lot, and everyone laughed and I was right and it was pretty funny hehehe.
  • Mathematics; a certain someone was courier for the day, hehehehe.. and Tazzy pointed out that there were four of the Top 10 Most Memorable People in the room (Luke Dennis [his voice finally broke! Well done], Me (still sore over 9th.. Fuck man -_-" insult much LOLOL.), Jamie K (5th or 3rd or something like that), and the woman herself, Tazzy El. Phwoarrrr no wonder we're so awesum LOL.
  • Society & Culture; I don't recall anything particularly interesting happening here? Well we got an extended response task but that was ..about it
  • Lunch; when is lunch NOT an event
  • Dance; Bollywood + Hiphop. You should have seen our dance, it was fucking epic (weird). LOLOLOL but it looks pretty cool from the front.. Qin recorded it AHAHA. It's all that Indian stuff with the hands and everything LOL.
  • Train home; k. Man that made my day :3
  • Bio tutor; regular fun Bio tutor, but our teacher Leish told us she was pregnant :D! Yeyyy ahaha but she put it in Bio terms so when she told us that she had a parasite in her I was like WHAT :|.
  • Train home; Got on the train and Ronald and Amy and Lawrence (?) were on the train too coming home from uni, LOL so weird/interesting.. I felt so noob though.. Like I was way out of my depth. Some short loser in green uniform and navy blue shorts standing there with a ._. expression on her face surrounded by taller asians in normal clothes. @_@ But Amy was so nice hehehe, aiyah her smile is so cute LOL. But yeah.. They asked me what I was doing on the train and bla bla and then Ronald was like half joking half serious offering to tutor me for Bio or something but it would kind of be a waste of money/time anyway since I'm already going tutor some place.. But yeah.. Hope he doesn't ever read this.. LOL
  • Walk home (yes, walk home); Amy's bro was waiting for Amy after she got awff the train and yeah I kind of got intro'd to him by Amy who said that she introduces everyone to everyone LOLOL. Then he made a joke which was pretty funny but I think my mood at that time was just generally bewildered and a little unbalanced so I just laughed at whatever LOL. (Idno, I thought it was pretty funny. LOL)
And that concludes my day :DD


P.S. Sarah Buxton. There, I mentioned you :D. LOL nah jokes, I'll post pix laterrrr heh hehh LOL
P.P.S. Weather can't seem to make up her mind these days. STOP PMSING YA BITCH.

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