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Mood: Tired. =) Procrastinating like HELL, but somewhat content.
Music: Want to - Lloyd.

LOL do you motherbitches like my skin ? 8D It's fucken epic sexy yeah. So PINK, LOL.

Lagging behind with homework lately.. I'm just so cbf. What my friends said was right =( All that stuff I said about being really motivated when I was in the first two weeks or so of school just washed down the drain after like 3 weeks sigh. I'm so tired and I feel like I've just wasted so much time. There's so much to do but some part of my brain is being stubborn and saying no and regressing back to old habits but I gotta change that now.

WTF, IT'S NOT EVEN NINE YET AND I FEEL LIKE IT'S ELEVEN THIRTY OR SOMETHING :@. My eyes are singing like a bitch and I have Chem tutor homework sitting in front of me, blank spaces begging to be filled. Not to mention a lot of assignments and other things that I haven't started on. OH MAN. Going to cry :'(

Byeeee kiddiessss. Stay strongggg. AND FORMSPRING ME :). Alwaiz.

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