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Mood: Hungry & cbf.

Had a very interesting Study Skills seminar today at school, actually quite movitated me to do work. :) But as of now I just want to eat and not do anything and shower and then get down to work. OH AND GO ON MY MOODLE.

Sigh. Does anyone else feel as though they aren't really learning at school? Now I know why there are so many tutoring centers and why so many Asians go there.. The teachers at school at just so slack with their work. Like our Chemistry exam, it's on METALS yet I feel like I have learnt nothing about it from them. Which is like fucking diu :@.

My chem exam is next monday and my chem tut happens to be on that monday and we sort of just STARTED on Metals which REALLY sucks, since it wouldn't hurt at all to have another leson to learn about metals before doing the exam. Fark. T^T At least it';s quite literally an open book test, we can bring 10 photocopied sheets and as many hand-written as we want. THAT IS FUCKING BOGUS. -_- Okay the fact that we're allowed to bring information in the first place presupposes that our teachers havent taught us the information that will be in the test.

I don't know why my mum doesn't prepare food for me the moment I get home.. Then again I get home at such irregular times sigh.

My diary is so packed this week & the next :D. You should see it AHAHAHA.

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