23, Sydney AU


Mood: Down. Not even in the mood to sing it. :/
Music: Dad is watching chinese TV and some random woman is QQing.

Man its times like these I need a good, good, GOOD blogging session. Something like a D&M with my inanimate.. Blog. So not in the mood.

Having an out of body experience right now, methinks. I'm wondering why I blog, and what the point of my blog is. Is it my self absorption? Do I really want to be heard so much as to impose the words of my own onto other people? Do I want to be well liked, for them to find me funny..?

I'm getting sick of question marks, getting sick of talking/thinking like this =P. Stress (eurghh..) of school is wearing me down and it's showing now. Definitely a good time for a holiday.

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