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love love love love love. Love..

How many times do we see the word love in a day? Do we hear it? Do we say it? And sometimes, not really ever mean it?

I know I'm definitely not one for saying I abhorr the usage of the word love (God knows I say it enough.. e.g. I love R&B, I love cheese jaffles, I love apple juice, I love food in general etc etc etc.) but saying it to someone is different. Much different. :) I think the way you say it plays really big part too. just a simple '<3' or a love heart is not too bad but saying the three words.. O_O

I don't know which is worse, selling your words or selling your body. Prob body. You can get like STI's and stuff LOL. Blah, what do you guys think? formspring me :).


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