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I haven't seen my darling in what seems like quite a long time, I don't even remember the last time I saw him.. I think it was last Friday when we were bumming.. Yeah. O_O That's like the longest I haven't seen him in a while HAHAHA.

Wow, 134 hits already.. Holy fucking shit, I hope people aren't just like randomly refreshing my page to get my hopes up or anything AHHAHA. ..Cos that would really suck you know. D=

SIGH I have taken so many photos since the last time I uploaded them, I mean to do it tomorrow so I can delete them all before I go to CAMP. WHICH IS FUCKING TOTALLY JIZZMATIC AND I WOULD NOT MISS IT FOR THE WORLD YO :.

Shopping list:
- Pringles
- Migoreng/noodles? Gna take so long to cook.. ;_; And they give us food anywaiz
- Lollies of some sort. Probably snakes. Love that shit.

School sucks. I find myself enjoying tutor a lot more than I like school, it's only the girls that make it so worthwhile. But my maths teacher and my english teacher .. Let's just say I don't get on very well with them.. Sigh. -_-' I wish it was like tutor, smaller classes and students who take me somewhat more seriously than they do at school.. Every move I make, it's always "YUNNERZZZZZZ!!!!!"
I'm not saying I don't like that title (it's nice being liked I guess LOL) but idno, in tutor classes I can make intelligent responses to intelligent questions and do things that I think are worthwhile. At school the material we do, it all seems very junior and I don't really see what the point of doing them is. (Awkwardly phrased much)

Blahh. I need to start my ADDMAT, babiez.
  1. Ten Things I Hate About Me (not the movie. This is about an Australian Arab girl)
  2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (from the perspective of a kid who has autism [and isn't really that aware of it], quite interesting.)
  3. Anne of Green Gables (as a movie)
  4. Cartoon - Leunig
  5. Benjamin Button

Doo doo doo. =) Better get my work boots on. BYE KIDS! ♥

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