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Anna Lee's 16th today! It turned out exceptionally well, considering no one was really expecting much, including the birthday girl.. But everyone had so much fun running around in Lazer Skirmish. It really was a nice day and the guys were getting competitive playing Air Hokey and Pool/Snooker, and Alice and I played MotorBike racing and she beat me both times AHAHA. But in my defence it was pretty close. *sus

So Lazer Tag.. The girls once nonce.. (my new word) Seriously so fail. :| And I wasn't playing very intelligently and just hid behind the walls liek a pussyfag and jumped out at anyone who walked past or whatever and shot them, so I never got more than 1300.. :(! Ahhh, whatever LOL. Anna made a big jump from last place (400) to first place (2k something). LOL, apparently the entire time she was shooting at people who were already dead and yeah LOLOL. William was following Qin around the whole time and just shooting her XD.

SO GOOODD. Then we ate Korean BBQ at some Bakehouse ..something place, BY THE WAY North Strathfield is an exceptionally good place to have a birthday (you know it's good when I start using big words.) if you want to do rather fun athletic things and don't mind sweating a little. Seriously, the Lazer Skirmish there was really really clean and good and shit like that, I guess it's because in a location that not that many people hang around, although there were like steakhouses and stuff around that would attract adults but mainly kids just play L.S. and stuff LMAO. So clean, should totally go there another time & stuff.

William & I were constantly drifting between Good and Not Good for the whole day but towards the end things patched up and it was better =). So that put me in a good mood hahaha. AND SEEING ARUNA WAS SO NICEEEE~~!!! I hadn't realised how much I had missed his annoying presence until I saw his clean (for him :|) face and lighter-cut hair, it was nice seeing him yayyyy. :)

All in all a good day (I understood the MATRIX work and had a pretty good time sitting with C. Woo [heh] and I wasn't late to anywhere). QUITE HAPPY♥. And I sort of quasi half ish guilt-tripped William into taking some photos with me after we made up (hey, it's called taking advantage of situations) so yeah pretty rad (H).

LOOOOOVE. & goodnight ♥

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