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Mood: Missing him alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aiyah =(.
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FUCK MEEEE. (Quote keanu reeves in Speed ♥. Oh my god he is so fine. ==') I FEEL LIKE I HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN AGES.

Today was a really grand, understated nice day =). Basically caught the train there was like practically no one on =O, devoid of the usual noise and squashyness and stuff, and it was nice. Then off to my English speech @ 9 (I KNOW RIGHT?? NINE? WTF IS WRONG WITH ME, WHY'D I CHOOSE SUCH A STUPID TIME) and AH FUCKKKK ! Every single time I looked up for like TEN SECONDS STRAIGHT sh elooked down and whenever I went to check up on my palm cards she fkn looked up this happened liek six times I raged so hard afterwards. Argh. Then everyone was hanging out in the 'common room' (pfft sukah my kawk) and Ms Hayes was also doing eng speeches so we told everyone to shush. Well ok I told everyone to shush. Anyway.

Basically chilled for ages and ages, then moved to the art room when Alice and Belle had to complete their artworks and shizz. Ran out for a bit to do my SAC speech.. Sigh I hope I did good in my speeches forklift me.

Went up top to listen to Belle's epic music solo.. after getting the fucking crickets out of the shoes i FOUND??? OUTSIDE THE OFFICE? WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK????) and tagging 'YUNNERZ' on the top school commonroom which now looks like shit ROFLMFAO. Bio test, ARGH, Lynn and I held up the test since we were late fkkfkfkfkfkfk, we ran in and ;_; LOL yeahhh. Ran to my seat and it was so hot omgd. Then Mr Reedman gave me string to tie up my hair LOL, how sweet HAHAAHAH~ Eenywei.

I still have a fucking stackload of work to do not to mention I WALKED HOME from williams today AHDIU. Hate walking uphill. Anyways.

I hope everyone has a decent weekend, they deserve it sigh :(! John (tutor) is going to f*cking murder me.

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