23, Sydney AU


What I've gotten for my birthday so far (! Quite loving them):
  • Cupcake speakers from Kristy (so fucking adorable)
  • Small glass Teddy figurine; cup (LMAO); necklace/earring holder, mannequin shaped; Kikki. K photo album; Kikki. K Alphabet stamp set; Scent Sticks by Anna, Colin, Nathan, Kristy and Qin. (Anna bought the presents though haha, OMGD I LOVE THE EARRINGHOLDER & THE KIKKI K SHIT SO MUCH)
  • Friggen rose from William (Q_Q, so expensive too D:)
  • Easter Bunny toy from John Wang & Terry
  • Unopened box from Joan (omg. I don't want to open it, it's so f*cking pretty)
  • Fuck. It's 10 31pm now, IMMA FINISH THIS POST ANOTHER TIME.


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