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Things Rebecca Weatherby hates. Some things on the list made me laugh HAHA. Go check it out :)

-pigeons that fuck in spring
-toe cleavage ;)
-people who wear short skirts and theyre fat.... =scarring
-girls who have so short skirts and when they bend down....D:
-guys that have REALLY BAD BO
-guys that spray deoderant all over the place
-moobs XD
-those "cup-a-soup" satchets who have like some really nice title "cream of mushroom soup" and then when you make it, it tastes fuck all like "cream of mushroom" it doesnt even taste like fucking mushrooms, let alone nice
-when the people who make burgers at mcdonalds forget to put in the pickle...THE PICKLE IS THE BEST PART! I disagree. I hate when people deliberately take the pickle out of the cheeseburgers. LIKE DUDE, THEY'RE SO GOOD.

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