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Mood: Pressured, knowing that I've done one set of homework but also knowing that I have so much more to do.
Music: It's Like That - Mariah Carey. I have to update my iPod but so lazy leh. :|

Had a really grand time with Hunny last night, he surprised me and made my heart feel like they were doing somersaults and made me smile and laugh and I'm going to stop now in case someone vomits or something LOLOL. ♥

Listening to Be With You by Akon and Wilber Pan now, feels so funny hearing American and Mando LOL. Anyway. I have photos, I'll post some up later.

I felt, more for today than others, the feeling that I was already beginning to lag behind. I'm having trouble in Chemistry and Mathematics, obviously, and it's no wonder it's the balancing equations part of Chem that is confusing me. Then again I'd missed a lesson last week because of Biology Camp.. &yeah. :\

Boy oh boy I have to start my assignments & get my shit together. Love, everyone! Work hard. <3

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