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Music: Selfish - Asia Cruise ♥ Highly recommend you download this, guys. (Seriously, it's the shit :|)

Finally, I can have some time to myself to sit down and unwind.
- William calls before I have even written the second word -


Anyways, first thing that I'd like to say is that Chem tutor fucking ROCKS LOL. I never knew I would enjoy something at Dr Du as much as I enjoyed English, but it has happened :D. I think it's because of our teacher, "Peter.. soemthing.. guy" (Joan) who I thought taught in a quite professional way until halfway into the lesson when he kept deviating into other topics that interested him in Chemistry and had to return back to the subject. LOL, so cute! Hahaha. And he's so nice and friendly and shit like that. :D So different to like, Mr Sherley or something, who I feel patronises us sometimes. :x Or Mrs Dixon, who doesn't know how to teach ..at all, and incompetent for the job, I rekon. Blah.. What am I to know and who am I to say, though. I'm not exactly model studen't >;( haha.

Anyhows, I'm in a pretty good mood right now :) Today's lessons were pretty good and the passed really quickly. I find it a lot easier to be a better student now that I'm in senior year and this is such a relief ;_; I haven't fallen behind in any homework yet (..duh) so this is pretty good LOLOL. This is my one chance to start fresh, and not fuck things up for my future and develop good habits before its too late/the real thing. :(

Was talking to Anna on MSN last night, I think she thinks the same LOL, since she said she was excited to do homework LMFAO. What a returdddd (: I have (so does Joan..) tutoring four f*ckin days a week whereas Lynn has English and Math condensed in one day and Bio and Chem in one day too :(. That's so tiring though!, haha. :\

I'm finding it harder and harder to drag myself out of bed these mornings. Fuck. And I'm thinking of changing the blogskin again, blue really doesn't suit me.


P.S. Got notified that camp cabins were 6ppl in a room for chicks. FUCK me.

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