23, Sydney AU


Mood: Stressed.

Currently planning Alice & I's birthday outing next Saturday on the phone, complicated business, I shit you not. She's trying to threeway me and Lynn and accidentally hung up on me. On top of that, I have a whole booklet of MATRIX Mathematics (intercept theorems. Wtf?) to do, that entire list you saw down there and like, argh, I feel like so much is happening at the moment.

I still haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to get William and I suppose if I can't think of anything else I probably will end up getting him Get Smart but come on.. I wanted to get him something epic, because apparently according to Lynn his present is Ridiculous, so Fuck.

I'm so pissed at myself right now T_T

Love. ♥ It was sweltering hot today. Speaking of Love, qin Wrote Love on My Arms today haha ;)

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