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I have so many mixed emotions about Biology Camp.. The most predominant feeling at the moment is the overwhelming cbf-ness of blogging. Seriously. Last thing I want to think about is camp.

HOW IS EVERYONE. :) Weather was great at St Ives, barely humid at all! ♥


@9.35pm: OKAY I feel better now. (: So.. Bio camp was really quite good. I had a pretty good time but some things totally put me out. - O -"


- Working in the heat, working in general, getting chosen as Group Leader. Oh my God. I made Brendan do/hold so much shit and blamed him for choosing me in the first place LOL. (Nah I would have done that even if I wasn't group leader)
- Just the overall disgusting feeling of putting on sunscreen and insect repellant on. (Sunscreen, despite what it claims, DOES contain oil [most probably] and IS greasy. Fuck.)
- Learning about prickly bushes and trees ("Adaptations", Lynn said. Pain in the ass more like) and then getting whipped by them constantly when walking through the bush was like, fucken glijgflafjeilja. Also the heavy packs when coming to and from Caringbah. Grargh, looked like the biggest idiot today.
- The teachers who came with us. Mrs Morgan, Ms Tudberry and Ms Wynn. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS TUDBERRY ANYWAY T^T Despite my previous dislike, Ms Wynn turned out to be the coolest teacher. I swore many, many times that I stopped keeping count and she was walking right.behind.me and all she said was 'language'. THAT'S COOL MAN. HOWEVER, other teachers weren't as awesome and it was fucking lights out at 11:15pm. -_- We came back to the camp from the nightwalk at like 10 30, and everyone had to shower and bla bla bla.. Apologies to the girls in my cabin for taking so long in the shower.. Sorry sorry sorryyyy.
- The leeches, bugs, etc.. Malanie had found a leech sticking to her leg after the nightwalk and when I came back to the cabin, she was like, crying and I thought someone had said shit to her when I realised there was a bandaid on her foot LOL. Aww, she was sucha cutie ahaha. ONE THING I LEARNED, don't put salt on leeches, they just vomit the blood back up. So.. yeah.
Ugh, Ms Wynn like randomly found a leech sucking on her stomach and she didn't even notice (no one ever does) and she got it off and it was SO. FAT. ARGGH, you could full see the blood that it had sucked and omg it was so disgusting. Q_Q And there were like leeches and spiders in the f*cking showers as well, effin rage.
- I forgot my camera. I THINK THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, OKAY. THERE IS NOTHING MORE SELF-EVIDENT THAN NOT HAVING SOMETHING TO CAPTURE YOUR MEMORIES.. Especially when we went to the preeetty awesome places. I hesitate before using the word incredible, I think the other elements of the camp kind of dulled that. Sigh. It just wasn't cool, forgetting my cam, okay. :(
- Looking forward to Midnight Cabin Talks ALL DAY and then getting disappointed. Hard. Fuck me.
- Mrs Morgan. I'm not even joking, she has it in for me :) Every single time she came into the rooms to check up on us (like, what was it, four times ==) she would come in and address the gropu briefly before going, "JESSICA? The girl with the loud voice? Bla bla bla, shut up bla bla bla I could hear you all the way from my rooms bla bla doesn't even matter you were in the fucking shower, you were showering too loud or something like that." God. I like swore at her in my head like every single time I saw her after that. And I never do that. :| FUCKEN SERIOUSLY SHE JUST LIKE PICKED ON ME OKAY, ARGH

(Finally.) HIGH POINTS:

- The animals. And I mean actual animals not those little tiny pindick things we looked at in the water of the creeks. But there was this fucking beautiful gorgeous diamond snake that they caught last Friday and apparently they're planning to keep him.. I held him twice, he was so soft and I can't express how much I just wanted to like hold him the entire time. It was those constricting snakes so yeah I didn't have to be worried about getting bitten or anything but I'm pretty sure that when he was tasting the air he accidentally licked me or something. But I really want a reptile lisence now and get a snake, and I could just like put it in my fish tank or something. (It doesn't have water.)
- There was a walk after lunch and we walked for ages and ages and ages and ages and even came across a road and I was complaining so much and wanting to go back.. But by the time we got to our destination it was all worth it. It was a waterfalley creekey pooley thing.. (I shit you not the sign outside said Duckhole. Haha.) The teachers said that we were only 'supposed' to wade and shit in it and that's exactly what I intended to do.. But John had fallen in the water (!!) and I was like laughing at him until I slipped on the algae/moss-covered rock..
..and fell in too -___- After that everyone was just like FUCK THIS let's go in too LOLOL. Poor Lynn couldn't go in the water :( so she took photos of everyone and it was so damn nice. The water was so great, and it was the perfect way of cooling off. ♥ Everyone was just shrieking and having fun and going in the water and just like.. it was perfect. I think it was even better because it was like smaller than the usual 150+ school group, and that just brought everyone closer and we all had such a good time, argh. I want to go back to that moment.. I regret so bad for not bringing my camera but luckily our guide person dewd had cameras so YAY. They put it on 2 CD's and gave it to CHS so WOOOOOOOOOOOO b(^o^)d
- Convincing others to go in the water, like Alison and Steph. Actually I think Steph got pushed in but Alison didn't really want to until I just told her to relax and have some fun and stuff. (: It was so nice FUCK ME :( The lighting was perfect and everything, and aaaaaargghghgh I think I'm going to jizz if I don't stop talking.
- The food was pretty good, I guess. Better than I can say for some other camps. +o(
- Environment. The sound of the creeks, the look of the smooth water, the air, relatively unpolluted by shitloads of cars etc. (SO MANY TREES @_@) So calming.. It felt so peaceful. I could have just like chosen a spot under a tree and stayed there forever. Like Huckleberry Finn, or something. XD
- The Asian Table at mealtimes ♥
- Eating lunch with Georgia Dowrick and stuff. LOL, she's so funny.. Man, the stories she tells.. Entertaining, if not slightly unbelievable. We live in completely different worlds, it was startling to hear stories of other ..situations and stuff that I have never ever found myself in. But yeah, she's a laugh HAHA.

Oh, forgot.. Cabins were a pain. We had to fucking vacuum and the rooms were so like, shitty and the pillows smelt like crap and was like 1mm thin and gosh. JUST GLAD IT'S OVER. There is nothing more satisfying than falling in a bloody swamp (not literally) and then showering. I ran around the room telling everyone to smell my hair. HERBAL ESSENCES CLASSICS FOR THE WIN, MKAYS. ♥


Goodnight, peeps! Thank goodness that's over right?! LOL

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