23, Sydney AU


LOLOLOL!, daddy just called me to say Happy Birthday to me, he's so busy with cheques & shiet that he still thought it was the 22nd hahaha. How cute.

I hope it rains. I fucking shivered today, it was the best feeling ever. 8D I cleaned my room and finished all my homework as soon as I got home ^_^ WOO, I feel kinda proud LOLOL. Now I need to finish my Society & Culture and all is well. (:

Put up the Scent that Anna gave me, it smells quite delectably sweet. Thanks hun. =) Still loling at the cup AHAAHAHAH.

Luuuurve. Going out to dinner naos. ♥


LOL WOOOO FUCKEN JOAN CAME DO DINNER MOTHERFUCKING BALLS, SO EPIC LOL. It was a one off thing though ("Duh, not going to come every week") and yeah had a pretty nice talk with herrr. :) So glad she came hahaha! ^_^.

Ooookay, gonna go shower now LOLOL. Byebyee


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