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LOLOLOL, changed tumblr link from storybookscene to wellfuckthat. You guys like? :D So it's like.. go on wellfuckthat tumblr LOL
@ 2:46am
Okay so that was a letdown. I got sick of it like 2 seconds after I chose it and went through like ten million, some of which I really liked like aubade and loquacious and pearl and etiquette and shitloads of other really pretty words but they were taken, so I was like fuck that and went with yunnerz in the end cause I couldn't be bothered. Fuck. Did you know that there's a word called slugabed for people who get out of bed late? They should just call it Qin LOL.

Fuck, I'm going to bed. Way too sleepy man. Gdnight ♥

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