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(WARNING: Rant post)

Something I remembered from the other day when I got smashed for wearing the wrong shoes. (They weren't even not sport shoes)

Mr Chapple: I am so sick and tired of seeing you trying to tweak the uniform all the time and be different. Just follow the rules, do what you're supposed to and just ..fade in the background. Okay?

No. Fuck. That's not very fucking encouraging. I've been brought up to think that school is a place where you're supposed to bring yourself out and apply that to everything you do, therefore developing your own flair, style and just personality in general. I don't want to FADE IN THE BACKGROUND. I don't want to be a fucking nobody, to just "blend in." I shit you not these were his EXACT WORDS. Everything he said went against my whole nature.


I would have taken this much more lightly if I had thought or knew or felt guilty about actually doing something wrong but I think that he.. He just took it to a fucking other level. He was raging at the other girl, too, who had GYMNASTICS as a sport and she was wearing chucks because she couldn't find her other shoes or something like that. She does GYMNASTICS, you don't even NEED your shoes. For FUCKS sake, I would totally agree if she were doing something like fucking basketballing or hurdling or whatever but for fucks sake. No one really cares that much, I don't know why you do.. I know he probably didn't make these rules, and would probably have let us wear whatever we wanted and let us be happy but the Board of Studies' requirements differ, but GEEZ.

Aaaaargh. Fuck. Sometimes I don't get the world. What's wrong with wanting to make the shirt look better or something? I look like a midget year seven if I don't roll up my sleeves twice. Seriously, they go up to my elbow. And the chunky fugly shoes are exactly that, chunky and fugly, YOU get to choose what tie YOU want to wear and what shirt YOU find appropriate, but I don't have any say in this because I'M a mere student who seems to always be unlucky and get caught doing what everyone else fucking does.

I'm not even joking, but the girl who was speaking to Mr Chapple before me had rolled sleeves as well. I can't believe he didn't notice, or chose not to care. I was mentally raging about all this in my head but didn't dare speak a word. I tried to defend myself but he was like, Stop Making Excuses. HELLO? DO YOU THINK I INTENDED FOR MY SHORTS TO RIP? (I was wearing dark navy sports shorts because my other ones wore out) I'M NOT BUYING ANOTHER PAIR BECAUSE THEY'RE EXPENSIVE. I SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM I'M FUCKING POVO OR SOMETHING.



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